The Warehouse: Where are we now?

We've realized after all our hard work opening The Warehouse these last couple of months, we've failed to give you an update on how things are going around here.  The doors officially opened for business May 16th. A few members who were faithfully committed before our big dusty warehouse even resembled a coworking space moved in a little earlier after patiently waiting weeks for permits to clear, furniture to be delivered, walls to be finished, and the literal dust to clear.  

As I write this article, 15 of our 20 offices, a handful of desks, and our ever growing communal coworking table are occupied with incredible people.  The most amazing part of coworking is being surrounded by folks from every single career path imaginable.  Our walls house web designers, graphic artists, a professor, architects, construction companies, non-profits, a production company, a photographer, and a lawyer to name a few.  We began our venture dedicated to diversity of industry so anyone who walked through the doors would feel like they belonged here.  Luckily that happened pretty organically due to our unique niche in the bywater. We are currently the only coworking space in this neighborhood of New Orleans and our biggest lesson was how significant of a role location would play.  Not only have we created an incredibly versatile work environment but as most of our members live in close vicinity, it has created more of a coworking neighborhood (as we've come to refer to it). Our bike racks are definitely getting their fair share of use!

Summer is a sleepy time of the year around here.  People head for the hills (since we surely don't have any) to avoid the humidity that is more likely to produce the random afternoon nap rather than productive workdays.  I think we've got it figured out though.  The secret to motivated, creative individuals: surround yourself with other motivated, creative individuals. Oh, and iced coffee.  LOTS of iced coffee.