Photos: Before the Renovation

Did you know that our building (3014 Dauphine St; New Orleans) narrowly escaped demolition in September 2012?

Those were dark times for the building.  And we recently found some dark photos taken by New Orleans photographer Nathanael Sprague that brilliantly capture the moment's somber mood and the structure's dilapidated physical condition.  

We've posted a handful of the photos here...but for additional striking images visit Nathanael's website:

To see how 3014 Dauphine St looks post-renovation, stop by The Warehouse on any weekday from 9am-5pm.  We think it's stunning now, but as artists (graphic artists, photographers, architects...) continue to join our coworking community, we'll enlist their efforts to help bring additional beauty to our space.  In fact, we'll soon hang some of Nathanael's best pre-renovation prints in our front walkway to pay tribute to our history and our team's amazing work on this historic renovation.