Coming Events at The Warehouse

Now that we are (almost) settled in, we'd like to expand on our member/community events and programs.  We have loads of ideas for our educational, entertaining, and professional development agenda but we would always appreciate your input!  If you or someone you know have ideas as to how we can best utilize our space in this specific territory, drop us a line! Some exciting things we are working on for next month:

YOGA ON THE ROOF--donation based yoga classes for any level.

ART GALLERY SPACE--artists can volunteer to hang their work in our space and in turn we will offer them a free art opening to the public.  Artwork can also be accessed during our business hours for sale to the public for the duration of their time here.

FREELANCE FRIDAY (SEPTEMBER 30TH)--monthly social coworking meetup for freelancers, creatives, entrepreneurs, digital nomads, and telecommuters.   For more info:

I hope you can join us in any future happenings here at The Warehouse.  We'd love to take advantage of everything that our community and it's members have to offer so if you have any thoughts, ideas, referrals, etc. please let us know!