Our Building's History: 1890's Map

An 1890's Insurance Map of 3014 Dauphine St.

If these walls could talk...we imagine 3014 Dauphine St would have some interesting stories to tell.  So we set about researching the history of our beautiful building, which is located in New Orleans's Bywater neighborhood.

We ventured down to The Historic New Orleans Collection (www.hnoc.org) in the French Quarter to do some research.  Those friendly folks (in their beautiful reading room!) found us this late 1800's Sanborn Insurance Map (attached photo). 

Turns out this was once the "J.J. Sporl Cotton Pickery."  Cotton was brought to the Pickery from fields to be dried, graded (separated by quality) and then prepared for shipment to the Northeastern U.S. and to the UK.

More historical info to follow!  We also discovered some stunning pre-renovation photos that we'll share with you soon :-)